жизнь - это простая штука. надо иди по ней с улыбкой. с улыбкой же наступать ей на горло. и с улыбкой спрыгивать в бездну.
I'm just right here. At this very edge. Kind of point of no return. Apathy stroke me like a thunder in a cloudless sky. I even don't think of ways to end myself, cause all those ways are just the same. Don't want to feel. Don't want to choose. Don't care what happens next. That'd be all the same grey stuff that is fulfilling my head and runs through my veins. I cut myself 32 times to make sure that my blood is still red. I felt something.. i was surprised a tiny bit that it is still red. I felt pain, but I don't care. I am afraid and lonely. That are the only feelings left, like a childhood memories. I am fading. But I don't care.